Untitled 9. To make your own Nature Diary can be a wonderful activity for every family member.  Allow your children to go on a journey of discovery. They observe nature with all their senses and are amazingly focused when it comes to reproducing their impressions. This activity is equally exciting and calming Why not repeat it over time and have children create a nature journal covering longer periods of observations.

QG PlayersQuestaGame is a fun activity which can keep you and your entire family busy, challenged and entertained throughout the holidays and beyond. It will provide you with a focus during periods of movement restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Discover nature around us, contribute to the Atlas of Living Australia, and win a prize. 

Title Picture for Filmmaker wanted 800We are looking for budding filmmakers who are keen to bring nature onto the small and big screens. It takes observation skills, patience, and a smart device to film fauna, flora or fungi.  A little bit of research and some explanatory narration will go a long way. Your short film of around three minutes will be published. 

shredded paper 2The Easter period is used for many traditional craft activities. There are many ways of creating your own nests. Let the Easter Bilby choose the favourite. Here are activities for the entire family with varieties suitable for all age groups. 

LeavesA perfect way to combine nature with traditional crafts and honour traditions. Eggs have been decorated in many parts of the world for centuries. Techniques vary. Let's follow a very common one by using leaves from the garden and dye to make some beautiful designs. 

Scarecrows Weeding Bride and Groom 3Here is a fun activity with materials easily available. Egg cartons and toilet rolls, plus a few additional ingredients allow for many hours of creativity and entertainment. Check out some ideas for making all sorts of little characters, develop others. Once these little figures come to life you can play with them and develop all sorts of storylines.