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  •  Kingfisher 2

    Bird Walks in Brisbane's Inner West

    CWCN continues the process of surveying avian fauna across the catchments and compare the results with historical data. - If you are interested in bird walks but new to birding, don’t worry. We all started somewhere, and we all learn while listening. You don’t need to recognise all calls, there are plenty of experienced birders on the walks. Come along, get to know our beautiful catch-ments while discovering a very important part of local biodiversity. For more information visit our flyer.


    Double banner 2022

    CWCN Book Club Program 2022

    Another year of great titles and lively discussions at CWCN's book club sessions. The book club began in 2014 and has been going strong ever since.  Two hours of great conversation, lots of food for thought, lots of provision of information, and lots of laughter while not necessarily agreeing in debate. Everyone is welcome to our sessions. Please find out more about the books to be discussed in 2022 by viewing the flyer. .

     RB seed capsules

    Seed Propagation at CWCN

    Our CWCN nursery is a busy and social hub. There is plenty to do from collecting seeds and setting them up for germination, from pricking out to potting on, from watering to general maintenance. There are training opportunities and fun-filled working bees. As you can see by the image of Pararistolochia praevenosa vines, we are an important part of CWCN's Bringing Back the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly to Brisbane's Inner West, a project made possible through Queensland Government's Community Sustainability Action Grant for threatened species. We raise the vines from seeds to ensure best success and required numbers. -  If you have questions or  would like to be involved please ring or text  Henry on 0430 628 325.


    NTD 2016 650

    The Great Outdoors in Brisbane's Inner West
    Nothing beats working in the outdoors. It's benefitial to your mental and physical health, and can be an enjoyable time for an entire family. Weeds  need to be attended to to make space for our native flora, and our wildlife movement corridors will need further repair to enhance our biodiversity. Participate in our many activities.  Check out our page 'Get involved' and consider where you may want to help us restore our natural assets. 
      Charity Oz Gov 621w
      CWCN is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ABN 21 367 529 654). Your donations are tax deductible.  
      BBBC logo col JPEG
      We are preparing for the third season of Brisbane's Big Butterfly Count. We will again be involved in this fantastic citizen science project with surveys, A first workshop on identification will be held at the CWCN Centre, and local surveys have been scheduled.  Watch this space and regularly check our Diary. 
       Title page for web
      On occasion of CWCN's 20th birthday we have published our history for you to peruse.  A print version is available at the CWCN Centre. Click here to access the booklet. It may take a little longer to open as it's bigger than your average file. Happy reading!  Here's to the next 20 years full of activities and engagement for our environment!
      Microbat Survey in 
      Brisbane's Inner West Catchments
      The results of our exciting 2014/15 survey are available for perusing. A minimum of 15 microbat species call Brisbane's Inner West home. The report contains details on these bats and their habitat, points out the importance for wildlife corridors and elaborates on the ecosystem services bats provide.
      Download the electronic version of the report by clicking on the link below.
      Microbats of Brisbane's Inner West (1,3 Mb). A printable version can be obtained by contacting us.
      Thank you Brisbane City Council for funding this important survey!